Drug Laws Cause Problems for People Carrying Medicines to Treat Chronic Illnesses


It’s fairly common for people with chronic illnesses to carry medicines, and it certainly is legal to do so. But most of us are not aware that there are local laws governing how we are supposed to carry them.  Presumably, these laws exit to assure we are not carrying drugs that are illegal or could harm others. If we don’t carry our meds the “right way,” we could wind up in an uncomfortable situation with law enforcement. (more…)

504 Plans for College Students with Chronic Illnesses

Excerpt from
504 Plans. Click here  for the full article.

Universities and colleges  provide accommodations for students with qualifying disabilities.  But there are differences in the way things are handled at the post-secondary level compared with high schools.  Here’s what you need to know: 


Chronic Action’s Mission

The United States has seen several civil rights movements. We are now aware of the need for equal rights for people of different races, sexes, sexual orientation, and people with visible disabilities.  The struggles of these groups continue, but their efforts to raise awareness, change attitudes and change laws have made steady progress, improving the quality of life and increasing opportunities for many people.  I am optimistic that our society is evolving toward a more accepting one, that allows for more understanding and equality.

There is yet another civil and human rights movement in its infancy that demands our attention.  (more…)