The 7 stages of grieving a breakup

If you are feeling hurt and hopeless, you should know that breakups are incredibly common. In fact, nearly 50% of U.S. marriages culminate in divorce. That’s just one example of how difficult it can be to keep two people together. But regardless of the data, we understand what you’re going through, and we want to help you. Learn about the seven stages of grieving a breakup!

Breakups happen, most of the time, for the better

People can get so consumed with their relationships, and you could hold on to it so tightly that the mere thought of its ending could make you lose your mind. When dealing with breakups, our emotional responses differ on an individual basis, but most of us experience pain, withdrawal, and loss. That is such a brutal process that it takes us a long time to recover. 

Fortunately, breakups often happen for the greater good.

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Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back

How to Bounce Back From Defeat Stronger Than Before

Defeats, problems, and setbacks are always waiting around the corner. To overcome failure and bounce back, you have to be aware of some key solutions and steps you can take to move forward. If your problem-solving skills are at an all-time low, check out some much-needed life advice and learn about the best approaches for dealing with defeat. Here’s how to bounce back from defeat stronger than before! 

Do you bounce or splat?

Most of us have been in situations when we fought extremely hard to reach our goals. And most of us have failed many times. Bad things can happen suddenly, and they can absolutely destroy all of your hard work.

The biggest issue here is failing to understand the benefits of defeat. If things don’t work out, people can get overwhelmed with their issues. This can take a major

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The ultimate guide to becoming a YouTuber

If you want to start a YouTube channel, you could encounter tons of issues if you jump into it and start posting videos without prior research. It’s not easy to make a successful YouTube channel, and if you want to profit from it, you’ll need to follow an effective strategy first. Check out our ultimate guide to becoming a YouTuber!

YouTube is where the money is

On the surface, it seems easy to make videos that discuss various topics, get a bunch of views, and profit. However, YouTubers work hard to establish their channels and stay relevant. That is not easy. If you want to become a popular or even famous vlogger, you’ll need to undertake a long journey full of hard work and struggle. 

That will require investments, research, knowledge of protocols and processes, and many more things that have nothing to do with you actually making various

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Kiss on a First Date: Yes or No

There are many misconceptions about kissing on the first date, and your game could improve if you learn to dodge them. Today, we’ll share some priceless dating advice about kissing on a first date to help you with this mysterious phenomenon and make your dating a lot easier for you! 

Rules During First Dates

When it comes to dating, there truly is no shortage of rules and etiquette. If your first encounters have not been successful so far, you may have neglected some crucial rules and valuable dating tips! 

For instance, it’s expected of you to arrive on time, be yourself, follow proper dining etiquette, etc. However, the problem is that many dating rules are unspoken. The game is also constantly changing. That is, you’ll never know how your date wants you to behave until you meet them. 

Of course, kissing a guy or girl on a first date is

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Silver Linings: How People Coped Successfully During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown our day-to-day routines right out the window. Isolated at home from our loved ones and most of our beloved daily activities, it’s hard to keep one’s chin up in these trying times.

However, some people have managed to turn their situations around despite the odds. Here are a few inspirational stories that will, we hope, spur you on to make the best of what you have in your life right now. At the very least, they might bring a smile to your face.

Beating the Virus

Few among us have seen the devastation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic as up-close as Maria, a 30-year-old health professional. As a frontliner, she’s had countless infected wheeled in and out of her ICU.

It’s safe to say that it’s been a draining experience for her, both physically and emotionally. She’s been giving it her all to save

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What Self-Care Means During a Pandemic

We all know that 2020 hasn’t been easy on a global and individual level. Most of our normal activities have been replaced, and the pandemic has forced people to spend their days in isolation and in constant fear of COVID-19. However, many believe that 2020 is actually a great year for personal development and self-care. This article will explore the benefits and forms of self-care, and we’ll also discuss what self-care means during a pandemic. So keep reading to learn about the effects of the pandemic on self-care, and we’ll also give you some tips!

What Does Self-Care Mean?

Firstly, self-care is an essential concept in our lives. However, we often neglect it due to busy schedules and day-to-day issues. Still, without self-care, you could have a tough time helping others or staying mentally healthy. It is not related to selfishness, and you must know that everyone is entitled to

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Simple decisions to make 2021 better than 2020

There’s no point in telling you how bad last year was. It was simply horrendous on all accounts. And sure, there were probably some good moments on a personal level, but they were scarce and in the shadow of a global pandemic that shook the modern world to its core. Still, isn’t it time to try and change things, at least to some degree?

What went wrong with 2020

As we all know, by the beginning of the last year, a new type of virus began to spread across the world. It was late 2019 when the Chinese authorities reported that something wasn’t right with pneumonia cases in one of their southern provinces. But by the time the rest of the world got to understand the gravity of the situation, it was too late — COVID-19 was everywhere.

However, the pandemic wasn’t the only thing that made 2020 the worst

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The most sought-after skills set for 2021

Last year was a nerve-racking rollercoaster ride, to say the least. But like with any other negative experience in life, there are numerous lessons we can take from it. Some of the most important coronavirus silver linings are work-related abilities you’ll need in 2021. Our article will explore 7 of the most essential skills for future hybrid working models.

1. Adaptability

It’s no secret that all of us had to be pretty resilient during the previous 12 months. No matter if we’ve been looking for a new job, adjusting to working remotely, or simply following health guidelines at our office, adaptability was a big part of our lives in 2020. For better or worse, last year’s trends will likely continue for the unforeseeable future. Hence, it’s important to learn from them and be ready for whatever life throws at us.

Although not a tech skill necessarily, adaptability is essential for

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How to Win at Sex After a Breakup

What are the dos and don’ts of having sex after a tough breakup? When should you try it, and how can it help you get over your ex? Recovery is different for every person, but there are some universal truths and useful pieces of breakup advice that will help you move forward. Here’s how to win at sex after a breakup!

Breakups Are Always Messy

Let’s start with a reality check and tell you that every breakup is tough! All breakups can be confusing and unpleasant, regardless of the depth or length of your relationship. The best way to move forward is to accept that. For many, breakups can cause strong feelings of rejection, inadequacy, mistrust, and depression. Unfortunately, many people bury their feelings after breakups and completely ignore the “wallowing” phase.

If you want to have sex after your breakup, you should try some much-needed self-care first. During the

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Four Ways You Can Turn Your Losses Into Wins

Are you having one of those days when nothing is going your way? Has the day turned into a week or a month? Or maybe you’re devastated by a single huge loss and utterly unable to pick yourself up and keep fighting? You might have lost your job, or your significant other has left you. We feel you. It’s hard to stay positive when the whole world — the whole universe — seems to be conspiring against you.

Don’t despair. Our failures and losses are an essential part of our lives. Losing is not the end — in fact, it may create an opening for a new beginning, an opportunity to start fresh.

However, most of the time, we are not prepared to lose. Our success-driven culture is telling us that we need to be perfect and thrive in every respect, no matter what. You look at all the people …

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