From Fantasy to Reality: Understanding Monster Dildos

Monster dildos—extreme in size and design—push boundaries in ways that smaller toys simply can't. Ever wondered why someone would choose a dildo "as thick as a leg" or featuring tactical grips and laser sights? These titillating features cater to those seeking maximum fullness and unique sensations. But how do you navigate the vast array of options, materials, and firmness levels? And what about the practicalities of preparation and safety? This article explores these questions and more, shedding light on the allure and considerations of monster dildos.

Learn about Different Monster Dildos and Their Traits

Monster dildos are known for their extreme lengths and girths. Some are described as being "as thick as a leg" or "significantly girthier than the average dick." These oversized toys can be intimidating but are designed for users who enjoy the sensation of fullness and stretching.

It's worth noting that users often don't insert the entire length. For example, with a 10-inch dildo, only about 5 inches might be used for penetration. The rest serves as a handle for better grip and control.

Some monster dildos come with additional features like tactical grips, laser-sighted scopes, and even night vision. These cater to users seeking novelty and enhanced control during use. The extra length also provides something to hold onto, making self-use easier, especially in different positions or awkward angles.

Despite their intimidating size, many prefer monster dildos over smaller toys for the sensation of fullness. However, the unique sensations of a real penis, such as warmth and the feeling of a partner's heartbeat, are irreplaceable, making real sex a preferred experience for many.

Unique Features of Monster Dildos

Mr. Hankey's Toys offers a variety of fantasy dildos, such as the Oni, BFG, Dragon, and Alien Breeder. These come in multiple sizes and firmness levels. The 75% soft firmness is quite squishy, while the medium-firm option is harder than any Bad Dragon toy. This extreme texture and firmness make them standout options for those seeking a more intense and unique experience.

Strange Bedfellas specializes in monster-themed toys with reasonable pricing, making them a great option for those wanting to explore fantasy dildos without spending much. Their designs are imaginative, catering to those looking for alien or monster-like shapes. The affordability combined with unique designs makes Strange Bedfellas popular among enthusiasts.

Uberrime's fantasy dildos, like the Fuolornis Fire Dragon, Night King, Aqua King, Xenulith, and Jellyfish 2.0, offer a wide range of unique textures and shapes. These toys are crafted from body-safe silicone and come in various designs that emphasize intricate detailing. They are ideal for users who prioritize both safety and creativity in their selections.

Blush's The Realm Draken provides a dragon-themed dildo with a focus on an immersive fantasy experience. Its design includes a detailed, textured shaft and an option for a sword handle attachment, enhancing the visual appeal and versatility. This combination makes The Realm Draken a distinctive choice for fantasy toy enthusiasts.

Organotoy's SchwibbelSchwabbel is a realistic-colored alien chestburster dildo. This toy, along with other offerings from Organotoy, provides unique and visually striking designs. The blend of realism and fantasy in their products sets Organotoy apart in the market.

Materials Used in Monster Dildos

Many monster dildos, especially those from Bad Dragon, are made from 100% platinum-cured silicone. This high-quality material ensures the toys are body-safe and can be thoroughly sanitized by boiling, which is particularly important if buying second-hand. Users often commend these dildos for their durability and safety.

The appeal of monster dildos lies in their unique shapes, sizes, and textures. These dildos provide intense sensations, with many users appreciating the added girth and intricate textures. Unlike traditional dildos, monster dildos offer a variety of stimulating experiences that can target specific areas like the G-spot or provide deep cervix massages.

Fantasy dildos, like those from Bad Dragon, come in vibrant colors and imaginative designs. This variety allows users to explore different sensations and aesthetics, adding visual excitement to their play. The creative freedom in the design of these toys makes them appealing to those seeking something out of the ordinary.

The community around monster dildos emphasizes the importance of using body-safe materials. Platforms like r/BadDragonBST provide information on various fantasy toy makers and highlight the significance of choosing products made from safe, non-toxic materials. This community support helps users make informed decisions.

Supporting small businesses and experimenting with unique textures are additional reasons people are drawn to fantasy dildos. Brands like Pleasure Forge offer soft, body-safe silicone toys with distinct textures and colors. Many users enjoy the tactile variety and the opportunity to support niche creators.

Price Range of Monster Dildos

Bad Dragon's clearance drops are a great way to get a bargain on monster dildos. These drops happen on specific days, and the "flops" available are generally marked down due to minor cosmetic defects but are still fully functional. To maximize your chances, set up your filters and refresh the page when the drop starts.

Uberrime offers monster-themed dildos like the Xenuphora and Spiro. These dildos are accessible for beginners and are available on Peepshow Toys and SheVibe. Additionally, Split Peaches' Unicorn Horn and Blush's The Realm Draken are noteworthy options for those interested in fantasy-themed dildos.

Mr. Hankey's Toys offers an Xtra-Small Dragon dildo, suitable for beginners looking for a smaller size. Tantus' Magma is another option available in two sizes, providing flexibility for users based on their comfort levels.

For those interested in squirting features, adding a cumtube to a dildo, such as the ones from Bad Dragon, costs an additional $20. This feature enhances the experience but also increases the overall price. Body-safe squirting dildos are generally more expensive, often exceeding $60.

Etsy has several shops offering various monster-themed dildos, including Strange Bedfellas, Dread the Empire, HodgepodgeEntourage, and DamnAverage. While these shops offer quality and unique designs, most do not feature cumtubes. MagicStickToys on Etsy also offers custom designs and might create a squirting model upon request.

Recommendations for Purchasing Monster Dildos

For your first monster dildo, avoid the more basic straight shaft types like Nox. Instead, opt for something unique like Austin. Austin offers a smooth shaft with an approachable knot and a longer length, making it a versatile and exciting daily driver.

If you prefer dildos that are wide at the base with a taper to a pointy tip, reconsider. Habu, for example, didn’t hit the G-spot effectively and lacked sufficient length, making it less satisfying for some users.

Exploring the world of monster dildos? Finding out if you enjoy knots can be a game-changer. Fenrir, for instance, has a more aggressive knot with a bigger shaft. However, it can be too harsh for some, so it’s crucial to decide if you’re ready for such an intense experience.

Users who lean towards size and texture might find Cracker to be a huge win. It’s great for those who identify as a 'size queen,' offering an unexpected level of satisfaction due to its unique dimensions and feel.

Considering purchasing a dildo with your partner in mind? A wearable knot could be a fun option for both of you. It adds an element of shared pleasure, making your intimate moments more interactive and enjoyable.

The Firmness of a Dildo Matters a Lot

Firmness is essential for dildos. Softer ones can squeeze and lose some girth, making insertion challenging, especially anally. James shared that his first dildo, the Luminous Glow In The Dark Dildo, was too soft and disappointing because it was difficult to insert and lacked firmness.

A firmness scale for dildos, ranging from 1 (softest) to 10 (totally solid), would enhance the shopping experience, especially for online purchases. This scale would help users find the ideal firmness for their needs, avoiding the hassle of buying unsatisfactory products.

Firmness affects the stability and usability of a dildo. A firmer dildo is less likely to slip and flop around, providing a more consistent and reliable experience. This was a key consideration for James when looking at dildos online, as he desired a more stable option.

Shore Durometer Scale for Hardness

The Shore Durometer Hardness Scale measures the firmness of dildo materials. Different scales overlap, with the 00 scale for soft materials and the A scale for medium materials being the most relevant for dildos.

Variations in the firmness of dildos can occur due to factors like the silicone batch from the factory, room temperature during production, added colors, and additives. Thicker dildos tend to feel firmer than thinner ones, adding complexity to the firmness measurement.

Some companies may incorrectly advertise the firmness of their dildos. For example, John Thomas Toys advertised at 15A Shore but measured at 2A Shore. This discrepancy highlights the importance of accurate measurements and reliable sources when choosing a dildo based on firmness.

Which Firm Dildos Are Recommended?

The Vixskin Mustang and Vixskin Outlaw are highly recommended for their firm inner core and softer outer layer. This combination offers a realistic feel while maintaining shape. The Vixskin Outlaw, with an 8.5-inch insertable length and 2-inch width, is particularly noted for its amazing feel and extra squishy head.

The King Swing Huge Dildo from BestVibe features an insertable length of 7.87 inches and a width of 1.57 inches. It comes with a strong suction base and remote control for hands-free or strap-on play. This dildo provides a lot of suction and is ideal for those seeking a firm yet versatile experience.

The Avant Suko Dual Density Dildo is another excellent option. It fits the desired size criteria and offers a squishy-soft exterior with a firmer core. This dual-density dildo is body-safe and versatile, providing a comfortable and realistic experience.

Key Points:

  • Firmness affects the stability and usability of a dildo.
  • The Shore Durometer Hardness Scale measures the firmness of dildo materials.
  • Variations in firmness can occur due to production factors.
  • Reliable measurements and sources are crucial for choosing a dildo based on firmness.

Recommended Dildos:

  • Vixskin Mustang: Firm inner core, softer outer layer.
  • Vixskin Outlaw: 8.5-inch insertable length, 2-inch width.
  • King Swing Huge Dildo: 7.87-inch insertable length, 1.57-inch width.
  • Avant Suko Dual Density Dildo: Squishy-soft exterior, firmer core.

Types of Monster Dildos Available

Monster dildos come in a variety of styles that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Uberrime offers intriguing options like the Xenuphora and Spiro. Both are made from platinum silicone, ensuring a body-safe experience. Xenuphora takes inspiration from alien forms, while Spiro’s spiraling textures bring unique sensations.

Split Peaches' Unicorn Horn dildo is another fantastical choice. Available in several sizes, its spiral texture mimics a unicorn's horn, providing a tactile experience that blends whimsy with intense stimulation. This dildo is ideal for those looking for a mix of fantasy and physical pleasure.

Blush’s The Realm Draken adds a dragon-inspired twist. This dildo features scales and ridges that mimic a dragon's anatomy. It can be paired with a sword handle for added role-playing excitement. This combination enhances the fantasy element and offers a firm grip for adventurous use.

Mr. Hankey’s Xtra-Small Dragon is designed for beginners. Despite its "Xtra-Small" label, it has pronounced textures and details that mimic a dragon’s form. This makes it an excellent starting point for those new to monster-themed toys.

Tantus’ Magma dildo, available in two sizes, draws inspiration from molten lava. Its unique textures and shapes simulate the feel of flowing lava, making it visually striking and stimulating. Tantus is known for high-quality, body-safe materials, ensuring this is a reliable choice for fantasy-themed dildos.

Glowing Monster Dildos

Glowing monster dildos offer an electrifying experience that sets them apart. These luminous toys come in varied sizes and shapes to suit different needs. They can transform your self-pleasure sessions into something extraordinary.

Made from 100% skin-safe silicone, these glowing dildos are designed for safe and exciting play. Adding a touch of kinkiness, they bring a unique visual element to the bedroom. Their glow can make your intimate moments more thrilling and fun.

Blue Freak Alien Monster Dildo With Suction Cup

The Blue Freak Alien Monster Dildo with a suction cup combines smooth, pliable materials with fine texturing. This toy is designed to make any sexual fantasy come alive. It's perfect for solo sessions or shared experiences with a partner.

Its robust suction cup base ensures it sticks to nearly any flat surface. This allows unparalleled flexibility, offering positions and angles that other toys can't match. This feature adds to the overall satisfaction and versatility of the experience.

Preparation for Anal Depth Play

Shopping for dildos often involves a desire to find something that mirrors a partner's size. This familiarity can be comforting and provides a way to practice with girthier or longer toys. However, unlike butt plugs, dildos typically lack a tapered tip, making gradual insertion more challenging.

Dildos can be used for any type of penetration, but it's crucial that those intended for anal use have a flared base. This base should be wider than the narrowest part of the toy. Many dildos don't come with this feature, making them unsuitable for anal play. The muscles in that area contract, especially during climax, which can pull a toy without a flared base inside the body.

A flared base acts as a barrier, preventing the toy from being drawn too far in. Always ensure your toy has a base for safe use, regardless of the type you choose.

Why Is Lube Important for Deep Anal Play?

Vibrating anal beads like Triplet and Cinco add extra sensations. Always coat them with a high-quality water-based lube and insert one bead at a time slowly. This ensures comfort and reduces the risk of injury.

Using a small amount of silicone lube on the ball end before insertion is also recommended. Insert the hook as far as feels comfortable, but keep it close to the exit for safety.

How to Warm Up for Deep Anal Play

Starting with a smaller size than your goal can help relax the sphincter muscles. This is better than trying to go from zero to one hundred quickly. If you don't want an extra dildo, a butt plug or fingers can be used to warm up.

The prostate needs foreplay, too. Overstimulation before arousal can be uncomfortable, so take the time to warm up and get in the mood before increasing the intensity.

The Value of Good Sex Education and Trustworthy Teachers

Understanding the significance of good sex education and having access to trustworthy teachers can make a world of difference. Betty, a respected sex educator, founded the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle. This center offers reliable information and education, steering clear of unverified sources and hearsay. By engaging with such reputable educators, individuals can gain a well-rounded and accurate understanding of their sexuality and practices.

Finding local fetish groups that host munchies and classes can also be beneficial. These groups often provide a wealth of educational resources and community support. This can be invaluable for learning safe practices and techniques. Engaging with a community allows for shared experiences and knowledge, which is crucial for personal growth and safety.

Is Learning from Experience Better than Medical Advice?

Jack suggests that many people rely on advice learned from personal experience and the experiences of partners and friends. This first-hand and second-hand knowledge can be valuable, even if it lacks medical validation. However, it's important to consider the potential risks associated with this approach.

Edward raises a valid concern. Learning from experience alone might lead to unintentional harm. Success in certain practices could be due to luck rather than safe techniques. There is a real risk of causing damage without even realizing it. This highlights the importance of seeking informed advice.

Medical perspectives, like those shared by Dr. Goldstone, provide important insights. He warns about the potential damage to muscles in the colon and rectum. Overuse of douching, for instance, can lead to long-term issues such as constipation. This underscores the need for a balanced approach, combining experiential knowledge with medical advice.

What Are the Risks of Doing It Wrong?

Anal play isn't exclusive to sexual extraordinaires; it's something anyone can enjoy safely. The key lies in understanding how to do anal penetration correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation surrounds anal penetration, the rectum, and prostate stimulation. Let's clear up some of these myths and focus on safe practices.

The anus and sphincter are strong, tight muscles. Even getting anal beads past them can be tricky without the right approach. During your first attempt at self-penetration, patience is your best friend. Go slow, work the muscles gently, and use plenty of water-based lube. This helps avoid discomfort and potential injury.

Jumping straight to a giant hands-free pegging kit or an ultra-tight booty sleeve might lead to problems. Listen to your body and start with smaller, more manageable toys. This gradual approach minimizes risks and helps your body adjust. Again, reputable toys are crucial. They ensure safety and enhance the experience.

Starting with large toys from the get-go can cause damage. It's important to build up slowly. The process involves warming up the muscles and using enough lube to reduce friction. This method prevents tearing and makes the experience more enjoyable.

Ignoring your body's signals can lead to serious issues. If you feel pain, stop immediately. Pain is a sign that something isn't right. By paying attention to your body's feedback, you can avoid injury and make the experience more pleasurable.

In summary, safe anal play is accessible to everyone. Start slow, use water-based lube, and choose reputable toys. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy anal play without the risks associated with improper practices.

How to Train with Big Dildos

Training with big dildos requires patience and the right techniques. For those aiming for larger insertions like fists or double fists, the key is to go slowly. Use more lube than you think you need, and focus on relaxing your body. Arousal plays a significant role, so experimenting with different positions using wedge cushions or pillows can make the process more comfortable.

Practicing alone helps you get used to the sensation. Start with an average-sized dildo and gradually work up to larger sizes. Riding the dildo often feels more comfortable than lying back. Trying different furniture like a chair or even a fuck machine, if available, can offer better positions. The importance of arousal cannot be overstated. Masturbating beforehand and trying to accommodate four fingers can help. Adding other stimulation, such as a sloppy blowjob or nipple play, might also help loosen your body.

Increase Size and Thickness Step by Step

Gradually increasing the size and thickness of dildos is crucial to avoid discomfort. Taking too big of a leap between sizes can cause problems. Stick to increasing by no more than 1/4 inch or 0.6 cm each size. Don't move up to the next size until you can easily and comfortably handle the current one.

The Brutus head is particularly challenging due to its pronounced head, making significant jumps in size uncomfortable. Start with a dildo you're already comfortable with, like the Dovah. It has a more gradual graduation to the thickest part but still includes bumps and textures. If jumping straight to larger sizes feels daunting, build up from something you're comfortable with first. Use intermediate toys and consistent practice to make accommodating large dildos easier.

How to Slowly Increase the Size of Your Toys

Size matters for anal comfort. Start small and increase size gradually to prepare your anus for comfortable penetration. This step-by-step increase helps your body adjust, making the experience more pleasurable.

Anal beads are designed to be most stimulating when removed. Their shape offers an easy way to work up to larger beads without going too far into your anus. Starting with the smallest bead and gradually inserting larger ones can help ease into the sensation.

For prostate massagers, insert the head's tip slowly until the widest point reaches the external muscle. Rock the massager back and forth until the entire head is inside. This gradual insertion process allows for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Arousal and Relaxation Are Crucial

Ensuring thorough arousal before attempting to use large dildos significantly relaxes the body, making penetration easier. Experiment with various positions, such as using wedge cushions or pillows, to find what works best. Each person is different, so it's essential to find what makes you most comfortable.

Relaxation is key alongside gradual increases in size. Slowly pleasuring yourself, taking deep breaths, and easing into the process can help avoid tightening up. Try different forms of arousal, like masturbating or simulating a really sloppy blowjob, to prepare your body for larger insertions. This method helps your body adjust and reduces discomfort.

Positions can greatly affect the ease of taking in large dildos. Riding the dildo might be more comfortable than laying back. Experimenting with a chair or specialized furniture can also yield better results. Finding the right position can make a big difference in achieving relaxation and comfort.

Best Lube Brands You Should Try

Bad Dragon’s artificial cum lube and Durex super wet lube are highly recommended for their performance in aiding big insertions. They provide a slick, slippery feel that greatly helps in handling larger toys. These lubes are designed to reduce friction and make the experience more enjoyable.

J-Lube and Cobeco lube are water-based and body-safe options that some users prefer. They come in powder form and can be mixed with water to achieve the desired consistency. These lubes are suitable for both vaginal and anal insertions, providing versatility and safety.

X-Lube is highly recommended, especially for those sensitive to other lubes. It may be a bit pricey, but it is very body-safe with no added preservatives or sugars. This makes it highly suitable for extended use, and a single bottle can make up to 5 gallons of lube, offering a long-lasting solution for big dildo users.

Be Careful with Certain Lubes

Be cautious with J-Lube for vaginal use as it contains additional sugars that can throw off your pH balance and cause issues. Despite being frequently recommended, it was originally created for veterinary use and may not be safe for the human body. Always consider the ingredients and their potential effects.

If you're sensitive to lubes, stick to water-based or specific recommendations like X-Lube, which has no added preservatives or sugars. Some users have found that silicone lubes can cause issues and may not be compatible with all toys. It's always best to test a small amount first.

For large insertions, avoid using oil or silicone-based lubes if they're not compatible with your toys. Instead, opt for thicker, water-based alternatives to provide sufficient lubrication without damaging your dildos. This ensures both safety and longevity for your toys.