What Are Butt Plugs Made Of?

Butt plugs are among the most popular toys, and probably the first one you’ll get if you are into anal play. They are perfect for anal training, and wearing a butt plug for a longer period is something many enjoy. Public butt plugs are also a favorite since many enjoy wearing them during prolonged sessions, or during their everyday activities. 

Different Materials Are for Different Sensation and Skill Level

When it comes to materials used to make butt plugs, you can find the most common ones used to create other sex toys. Beginner toys are usually made of silicone or latex. Both materials are excellent, but some people might be allergic to latex, which means that they should always go for a silicone toy. 

Other types you might encounter are neoprene or synthetic rubber, metal, glass, and even wood. Each of the materials offers different kinds of stimulation and sensation, and they are designed for various skill levels. For beginners, something as rigid as metal might be too much to enjoy, and they should start with a softer material. 


Metal is great. There are so many incredible bands you can listen to. But all jokes aside, there is a reason why metal toys are so popular. Firstly, keeping your toy clean is as easy as it gets. Metal butt plugs can be sterilized, boiled, you can use almost any type of product for cleaning them, and they are compatible with nearly every lubricant. 

Furthermore, due to the density of the material, these toys are a lot heavier (they sometimes weigh over six ounces). The texture is smooth, and the toy is durable too. You won’t need to worry about dropping it by accident. 

But the area where metal toys shine is temperature play. If you are looking for additional stimulation of your erogenous zones, you can easily heat or cool the toy to enable yourself to experience something different and thrilling. If you want to cool it, submerge the toy into a bowl of ice, or run it under cold water. On the other hand, use hot water to heat the toy to the appropriate temperature.


As we already mentioned, silicone is a lot softer, but you can usually choose different levels of firmness. While the toy is incredible for all beginners out there, it doesn’t mean that experienced users can’t enjoy these toys. Silicone anal toy is a jack of all trades, and the sensation it offers is exactly what you are looking for. 

When it comes to cleaning, you will need to find an appropriate product. Also, these toys are not working well with silicone lubricants. Usually, most regular cleaning methods will do fine, so if you opt for silicone models, you will undoubtedly save a lot of time when cleaning them.

These toys come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find easily different designs designed for someone with more experience in anal play. For all interested in sex with a butt plug, silicone ones are a great option. 


Now, plastic plugs are getting more and more obsolete by the day. Earlier, it was a common material for sex toys, but nowadays, silicone, latex, and rubber take the spotlight. The main reason is that platic is cheap. That is, if you get a plastic toy, it probably won’t last you for a long time.

It is not rare to see a toy with sharper lines from molding as well. These can cause injuries and create small cuts in the anal canal. Some types of plastic can even be toxic, and you should be looking for body-safe products only. 

While you still can find plastic toys in some stores, it is so much easier to invest a bit more and get something more durable that you will thoroughly enjoy. If you get a regular silicone plug, it will probably last for years.

Some plastic models are remnants of the past since rubber is one of the earliest materials used for sex toys. These are soft, easy to use, and they can often be a bit floppy as well. Using them is quite easy, and they feel nice. Due to the softness of the material, you won’t have any problems putting them in. 

But regular rubber is not the only type used — there are Cyberskin and thermoplastic rubbers available as well. Newer materials are a combination of different polymers, most often a mixture of rubber and plastic. 

If you are looking for something realistic, soft, and more flesh-like, Cyberskin might be the best choice. Unfortunately, it is a lot more difficult to clean, and sometimes bacteria can even end up inside the surface of the toy. Finally, since rubber is so elastic, it is perfect for inflatable and expanding butt plugs. 

Synthetic Fur for Tail Plugs

Recently, there has been an explosion of tail plugs on the market. The plug itself comes in metal, glass, and silicone variants, and it is nearly identical to the regular butt plug. So, what’s the catch? 

A synthetic fur tail attaches to the base of the toy, which lets you have a real tail! Tail plugs are a dream come true for all lovers of pet play out there. Most toys are regular plugs, but the choice and variety come from tails. 

The user can pick different colors, textures, animals, and so on. Among the most popular models are the ones that look like a fox. But, you can find other animals as well: cats, raccoons, dogs, bunnies, wolves, ponies — you name it, and there is probably a tail plug already available. 

While you can opt for a realistic color, there is an option to go wild and pick something you’ve never seen in the wild before.


The last material we’ll discuss here is glass. Glass toys have similar properties to their metal counterparts, but they are a lot more susceptible to damage. If you drop a glass toy, you won’t be able to say “Whoopsie!” and just pick it up — you might need a broom to do it. Another similarity to metal is smooth, perfect shape and texture, but glass plugs look a lot less intimidating. 

One of the best properties of glass is that it retains temperature very well, and you can easily heat it up or cool it down. Furthermore, it will keep the temperature for a while, and you will have enough time to have your fun. 

As with metal plugs, you can use hot or cold water, ice, or even an oven. Just be careful not to overheat it to avoid injuries. 

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