How to choose the right design for your next butt plug

Anal plugs are objects intended for anal stimulation and penetration, to be used for exciting erotic and sexual games, alone or in pairs.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not reserved for an exclusively female audience, as male users can also find benefit and satisfaction in the personal use of these nice rectal exploration tools.

The shape of the Anal Plug is specially designed to facilitate their insertion into the rectal orifice, paying particular attention to the anatomical development and their construction, to be easily usable even individually, without necessarily needing other people who achieve the purpose of penetration anal.

Use of Anal Plug

These interesting sexual stimulation tools have multiple functions and possibilities of use, being able to fulfill many needs of different nature and sexual orientation.

  • As mentioned above, they can be used by both the female and male audience, since there are no particular anatomical differences in the sphincter of both sexes.
  • The insertion of Anal Plug in a woman’s butt can represent, for example, the completion of the first significant step of a path that can lead to more substantial penetrations, such as sodomization by one’s sexual partner.
  • Thanks to the specific shape of the Anal Plug, which in most cases resembles the tapered one of an ace of spades, this intriguing object can be the best training to get your sphincter used to receiving incoming objects, inserting and subsequently keeping inside your anus this peculiar find. Keep in mind to purchase quality butt plugs at, since they have been offering great products that we love.
  • Thanks to the growing diameter, it is possible to perfectly adapt the insertion of the Anal Plug to your anatomical needs, checking for any improvements until reaching the total housing inside the sphincter, to give exciting moments of sexual pleasure.
  • As far as human pleasure is concerned, the Anal Plug is usually able to effectively stimulate the prostate gland, causing a pleasant sensation of enjoyment due to the movement and rubbing of the Plug along the prostate wall.

In case of homosexual orientation, the speech made for the female audience is valid, the Anal Plug will be extremely valid to accustom the rectum the patrol of one’s own hole until the definitive introduction of the penis, with joy and mutual gratification, both from a passive point of view that active sodomization.

It happens that it is difficult to overcome the barriers of what we consider conventional and “socially” accepted. For this reason there are those who have never tried an Anal Plug.

  • There is no fixed rule for everyone, there are those who simply do not feel like it, do not like it, are not interested in anal sex, too man to do it, too woman to suffer it.
  • It would be nice if these choices were only personal and not dictated by the convention that those who accept this practice also accept a “submissive “and “demeaning” attitude. The socially accepted rules regarding eroticism are zero.
  • There are different types of anal plugs, with different levels of stimulation, very simple and intuitive to use, which allow you to play alone or with your partner and discover this sensation.
  • And really there are no boundaries in the genres the same that fit perfectly for use for women can also be used by men who have a very sensitive receptivity in the prostate area.

So why not start playing with this part of the body too? A bit of lubricant, the sex toys you prefer, the right partner and that erotic taste that surely is somewhere inside you vice versa you would not be reading this article.

Butt Plug: the top is wedge-shaped which grows in circumference towards the center and then shrinks and ends in a usually flat base, they are made in such a way that once inserted the contraction of the sphincter makes them remain in position whether you move, stand or walk. Compared to dildos they are generally short. Considered real dilators, they must be inserted with caution and with the help of a lubricant, saliva or water, although facilitating insertion, tend to dry out too quickly and do not allow the same pleasant sensation that instead allows a specific product such as a lubricant silicone based. Some have the base that instead of being flat has a sort of ring, these plugs offer the possibility of being extracted and manipulated more easily than those with the flat base, for this reason they are used as a stimulator during intercourse and are not worn as an object “Decorative” as it happens for very small ones with a flat base and the final part in crystal.

Anal beads: with an elongated shape, they consist of a series of spaced spheres; they allow a gradual dilation and a contraction-dilation effect given by the back and forth movement of the sex toy. There are different lengths, materials and models, the best known are: in silicone with spheres of increasing diameter spaced between them in a fixed way with a small final handle to allow extraction-insertion or with movable balls joined by a string which must therefore be inserted manually one at a time. In both, the use of a specific lubricant is recommended. In the case of those with movable balls joined by the cord, it is always advisable to memorize the number of balls present in the toy and count them at the end of the activity, poor materials or poor quality articles could cause the detachment of one of the balls.

Fifty Shades of Gray – Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads silicone anal plug

Dildos: used for both vaginal and anal penetrations, the shape is typically phallic and can be vibrating or not. There are all types and materials, silicone ones are very common, and those in borosilicate glass that have some highly appreciated characteristics, such as their ability to be temperature sensitive, are taking hold in recent times: they can be immersed in hot water to be heated or in cold water to be cooled, they are not porous, therefore they are very easy to clean and if well-kept practically eternal. They also present themselves in a very elegant way.

Then there are the vibrating anal plugs, a novelty in recent years as in the past vibrators were used for anal stimulation which had shapes shaped almost exclusively on the vaginal canal. But luckily there is evolution and now there are anal plugs that vibrate, both butt plugs and anal beads , in addition to the prostate stimulators that are specially designed on the male anatomy coming into contact with the prostate for direct stimulation.