Kiss on a First Date: Yes or No

There are many misconceptions about kissing on the first date, and your game could improve if you learn to dodge them. Today, we’ll share some priceless dating advice about kissing on a first date to help you with this mysterious phenomenon and make your dating a lot easier for you! 

Rules During First Dates

When it comes to dating, there truly is no shortage of rules and etiquette. If your first encounters have not been successful so far, you may have neglected some crucial rules and valuable dating tips! 

For instance, it’s expected of you to arrive on time, be yourself, follow proper dining etiquette, etc. However, the problem is that many dating rules are unspoken. The game is also constantly changing. That is, you’ll never know how your date wants you to behave until you meet them. 

Of course, kissing a guy or girl on a first date is the biggest unspoken rule. Many people struggle with it. It can make a bold statement and put your point across while promising your date that you want to see them again. Conversely, first kisses can also send unwanted signals for sex or a hookup. 

Vibe Check

Since we don’t usually define and follow strict first kiss rules, you’ll need to figure out your own method to test the waters. What does the date feel like? Did you make a connection, and you don’t want your evening to end? Or does the other person seem like they want to go home and never see you again? 

When it comes to dating advice, It’s always a good idea to follow the vibe. You can check this through obvious signs. Those include body language, flirting, touching, and your conversation. 

If you’re simply not feeling it, go home but try not to offend your date. If you’re sensing insanely good vibrations but miss your moment and leave, your date could think that you’re not actually into them. But, if both of you are feeling the same passionate vibes, you should definitely end the date with a smooch!

If Opportunity Allows

Sometimes, fantastic dates may not end with locked lips. Even if there’s a flirty and amorous vibe, the setting or the circumstances could stop you. That’s why you should always question if there’s even an opportunity to lean in for a kiss.

Most first date kisses occur spontaneously or in private places. If you walk someone home, you can kiss them in front of their door. Many movies will show that for a reason. It may not work if you decide to kiss your date on a crowded street or other public space!

So if you find yourself in a place where kisses would not normally happen, don’t push it. It’s better to postpone the kiss or just wait for the right opportunity. Yet another reason why this is tricky is that you could wait too much and miss your chance. If your date really wants you to plant one on them, they may not be so picky about the right spot or scene.

It Should Feel Natural

Dating chemistry is an unusual phenomenon. There are way too many ways in which you could misread the other person! You could, for instance, feel a lot of sexual tension. You could think that you’ve hit the home run, while the other person could actually be focusing on that leftover tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in their freezer. Unfortunately, dating is a bit like playing the lottery. You’ll only be able to see the outcome if you pull the trigger and ask someone out. 

What does it mean for a first kiss to feel natural? To some, it could be a wild and spontaneous makeout session on a busy street in the pouring rain. Others may prefer to have their first kiss in front of their home or another private place. The lip-lock could communicate that the two parties want to see each other again. Some could even proceed straight to the bedroom. 

In any case, first date kisses must not feel forced. You could offend or harm your date if you snog them without their permission. If you try to get close to your date a few times and see that they’re not following your body language, it’s a sign that they’re not interested. Or, they just might not be comfortable with getting close to you at that exact moment.

It’s Not a Requirement 

Ultimately, if you see that the date doesn’t feel natural, or if you can’t seize the appropriate moment, remember that first date kisses are not a requirement. If you miss your shot, your date will probably understand. As we’ve said, kisses make strong statements. If done wrong, they can send out the wrong signals.

If you’re not sure about your date, definitely avoid the smooch because it could complicate things. You should not be expected to kiss a stranger during your first meeting. 

There’s Always Next Time

But what happens if you have a great time and you miss your chance? 

Well, there’s a really good reason why you shouldn’t put yourself down. If your date was amazing, you’ve probably built up a lot of anticipation. Even if you miss your first date kiss, that anticipation will linger until your next date. And that could be a great thing. Your date may want to see you again sooner than expected. Then, when the time is right, you could have an intensely passionate first kiss! 

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, you really can’t plan out the first kiss, and it will all depend on the individual date. But, you will get closer if you follow our advice and implement it during your date. Good luck and, most importantly, have fun!