Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back

How to Bounce Back From Defeat Stronger Than Before

Defeats, problems, and setbacks are always waiting around the corner. To overcome failure and bounce back, you have to be aware of some key solutions and steps you can take to move forward. If your problem-solving skills are at an all-time low, check out some much-needed life advice and learn about the best approaches for dealing with defeat. Here’s how to bounce back from defeat stronger than before! 

Do you bounce or splat?

Most of us have been in situations when we fought extremely hard to reach our goals. And most of us have failed many times. Bad things can happen suddenly, and they can absolutely destroy all of your hard work.

The biggest issue here is failing to understand the benefits of defeat. If things don’t work out, people can get overwhelmed with their issues. This can take a major toll on their emotions. If you experience a similar situation, it’s essential to understand and accept defeat. Remember that defeat doesn’t necessarily signify an ending. It can set you on a new journey and offer you a new beginning! 

Consider the journeys of most successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and celebrities. They took many falls and were probably derailed more often compared to ordinary people. Yet, they were so determined in their goals, and they never gave up. People like Steve Jobs chose to dance with the devil and confront defeat straight on. They were able to bounce back quickly and move in the right direction again.

What’s required to bounce back from defeat?

A lot of people get trapped after failing because they simply don’t know how to handle it. Here are some key traits that you have to possess in order to successfully handle defeat


You have to be mentally and physically tough when dealing with mistakes. But, resilience doesn’t mean that you’ll be resistant to suffering, upheaval, and stress. Resilience is a type of mental toughness. It helps you to recover from trauma and can help you to work through your suffering.


Being tough won’t help you if you are not willing to learn about your failures. Curiosity is incredibly valuable here. It gives you the power to analyze your problems. It can drive you to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. Then, it enables you to form new ideas, solutions, and new plans that can help you take the next step. 


Famous people who are extremely brave know that one way to move forward is to not be afraid of risks. That is, courage enables you to leave your bubble and venture into the unknown. It also helps you take on new difficulties and challenges. Moreover, it helps you to learn new things, conquer new challenges, and ultimately reach your main objectives.


This trait may sound simple, but it’s actually one of the trickiest and most important. Resourcefulness puts you in the right mindset. It inspires creative thinking and guides you as you pursue your dreams. It can allow you to visualize the best solutions and ideal ways to bounce back from failure.

No excuses

When you stop making excuses, you will fully accept your problems. That way, you’ll find an even better way to succeed. However, frequent complaints, blame, and resistance could do a lot of harm here. 


Even if you are the toughest, bravest, and most resilient person, it could be difficult to move forward without faith. Generally, faith gives you self-confidence. It enables you to trust yourself and be confident in your skills. When combined with the previous traits, faith and hope can give you a reason to keep fighting.

Important reminders for bouncing back from defeat

Our failures can become so overbearing that we can simply forget about what it takes to move on. Here are some key factors that you should remember: 

  • Your setbacks are temporary — Most of your problems are temporary and cyclical. Even if they seem unfair and cruel, you can’t change their outcome. They occur, and you can’t erase them.
  • Use your new circumstances to grow — Accept your situation. Welcome your new circumstances, and remember that you can quickly change your future if you’re persistent. 
  • You’re not alone — Many people are dealing with issues as we speak. Their problems could be much worse than what you’re going through. You can always get help from your friends, colleagues, or partners. 
  • Use your role models — You can also get inspiration from other people’s life stories. That includes your family, celebrities, businesspersons, and ordinary people who managed to make a difference. 
  • Remind yourself of past triumphs — This will give you the confidence to move on. Think about how you handled certain situations in the past to reach a successful outcome.
  • Know your goals and your life purpose — Take some time to focus on these two essential things. If you focus your energies on the things that matter most to you, you will be able to manifest success. 

Bouncing back from defeat in 3 steps

Finally, we can recommend three steps that are guaranteed to work:

Accept personal responsibility

It doesn’t matter if you were the cause of your problem or not. It will always be your responsibility. When you take responsibility, you essentially take a break from your emotions. You end up seeing your problems in an objective light. Furthermore, you stop making conclusions based on your emotions or the way you think your situation should have played out. 

Start taking control

When you take full responsibility, you’ll be ready to step in and deal with your predicament. You should understand that your situation is just a problem that can be solved. Sure, you failed and were defeated, but this is just another problem, and the solution is waiting around the corner. 

To solve it, think about which aspects you can control. You should minimize their impact. Also, by influencing the “solvable” aspects of your problem, you could also get closer to your ideal outcome.

Take decisive action

Here, the goal is not to postpone your actions. Think about the next important “action step” that will help you the most, and then get your feet wet. 

When you think about the next best step, acting on it will allow you to build momentum. Consider the value and impact of your next decision to move forward quickly. Don’t hesitate. It’s also possible that the actual solution won’t matter as much as your momentum.

If you take action and build momentum, your mind will become clearer, you will set things in motion, and the best solution will present itself to you eventually. 

The world is yours! 

No matter how annoying or painful they are, our problems make us human, and they can give us the strength to transform our lives. So follow our tips and good luck!