How COVID-19 Will Shape Our Plans for Success

The coronavirus outbreak has pushed us all into a frenzy. It is definitely something we haven’t seen coming, even in our wildest dreams. However, it’s here now, and we have to find ways to adapt to it.

Not only does this virus take a toll on our collective health, but it also affects our plans for the future. If you rode a successful streak before the pandemic, it is bound to disrupt you in some way. Still, don’t worry. There are ways for you to come up victorious, even when dealing with a pandemic.

Success is not easily achieved, but if you can adapt to this crazy situation, you can overcome just about anything. So let’s get into how COVID-19 affects all areas of our lives.

How COVID Has Affected Planning

Unfortunately, we’ve come face to face with a global pandemic. This is all thanks to the outbreak of the …

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Tips for Those Who Are Bicurious Guys

It’s no secret that some people don’t feel comfortable with conventional sexualities. In most cases, these categories that society applies to them can’t fully explain who they are as human beings. Unfortunately, this is what happens with men and women who consider themselves to be bi-curious.

And in an overtly confusing world that we live in, these people can’t figure out how to go on about their desires and fantasies. Nevertheless, we’re willing to talk about guys who’d like to explore additional possibilities outside their traditional heterosexual relationships. Moreover, our article aims to provide dating tips for bisexuals and those who feel like they might be interested in both genders.

What Does Bicurious Mean?

Ever since the early ’90s, people began to identify themselves as bicurious. And although the term appears in Merriam-Webster dictionaries from the ’80s, most folks still don’t know what it means. But hey! There’s a time

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Three Signs That Tell You Are Winning At Life

Everyone’s looking to win something in life, whether it is financial success and recognition or someone’s love and lifelong devotion. These are some things that many people believe make us winners.

But the thing with life is that it is long. Being victorious can come at different times in one’s lifespan. This is not meant to be disheartening but empowering. The future may hold many successful moments for us, followed by emotional and other rewards. However, let’s look at the present and see how big of a winner you actually are currently and if you’ll be one soon. Let’s examine the signs of success.

How Do You Know You’re Winning at Life?

The tricky thing with success is that many people view other successful people as winners. Therefore, they often compare their paths to the rich and famous celebrities of the world. This phenomenon has always been the case, long …

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Why Do You Need a Bucket List?

It’s not uncommon to think about leaving this world one day. You don’t have to be morbid or a downer. It’s in our nature to question our mortality. One day, we’ll all go, no matter how healthily we live our lives. But it’s not a reason to look at life as a ticking clock. You should enjoy it as much as it’s possible.

After all, what’s life about if not exploring and experiencing different things? Even if it’s sad and harsh sometimes, there’s plenty of room for the good stuff we all crave for. We set all kinds of big goals for our future when we’re young and full of hope. Unfortunately, not many succeed in making these dreams a reality.

As you know by now, we can’t control future events, and our lives have a nasty habit of turning into nightmares. For example, people find they’re gravely ill and …

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Do You Have What It Takes to Take On a Monster Dildo?

Are you at that point in life where you find regular dildos boring? Then maybe it’s time to explore your other fantasies and dive into the world of monster dildos. Yes, head first. 

What does it all entail? We’re glad you asked. We’ll help you conclude whether or not this sex toy is for you. Don’t worry if it isn’t — you can fulfill your monster fantasies in other ways too.

Larger Dildos Are Not for Everyone

So, we’re about to tell the tale of the big bad dildos, and you’re the Red Riding Hood. The only question is — how much of this tale can you handle?

When we say large dildos, we really mean it. We are talking about the type that makes you widen your eyes when you see it in a sex shop. You may even pop the “Who would possibly use these?” question and the …

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The Goal-Setting Theory of Motivation

Why We All Need to Take a Look at The Goal-Setting Theory of Motivation

Look, I know that sitting on your ass all day and doing nothing but binging Netflix and playing games sounds like the dream, but that’s no way to live.

Sure, it’s a blast, and the fact that you manage to binge several years’ worth of television in a matter of days might impress some people. But where will that take you in life?

Many people say, “I’m not lazy; I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything!”

Well, yeah, that’s kind of the problem everyone faces from time to time. Humans are natural procrastinators. If we don’t have something that will push us to keep going, we simply don’t go at all.

What Is the Goal-Setting Theory of Motivation?

Edwin Locke figured it out. Because he was a smart cookie, Edwin also figured out …

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What Are Butt Plugs Made Of?

Butt plugs are among the most popular toys, and probably the first one you’ll get if you are into anal play. They are perfect for anal training, and wearing a butt plug for a longer period is something many enjoy. Public butt plugs are also a favorite since many enjoy wearing them during prolonged sessions, or during their everyday activities. 

Different Materials Are for Different Sensation and Skill Level

When it comes to materials used to make butt plugs, you can find the most common ones used to create other sex toys. Beginner toys are usually made of silicone or latex. Both materials are excellent, but some people might be allergic to latex, which means that they should always go for a silicone toy. 

Other types you might encounter are neoprene or synthetic rubber, metal, glass, and even wood. Each of the materials offers different kinds of stimulation and sensation, …

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Your 4 Step Guide To Taking Action

Execution is one of the most valuable skills in the world.
It’s the difference between getting that promotion you always wanted or staying at the same position. It’s the difference between having a positive life changing experience or living a lifetime of regret. It’s the difference between building the life you’ve always wanted or keeping the status quo.

“Ideas are just a multiplier of execution”
— Derek Sivers, Anything You Want

Unfortunately, a lot of people have trouble executing on their ideas.
Some spend weeks stuck in the planning phase, fantasizing about “what could be” but never actually make any progress. Overplanning often results in projects ending up in their graveyard of ideas.

Others may whip up what they believe to be a great idea and begin executing immediately. These projects usually end up the same way — in the graveyard. Without enough planning, people tend to get lost in …

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Creating an Action Plan for Your Goal

We all know people who pat themselves on the back for their spontaneous approach to life. (I once overheard somebody say they never wanted to own more stuff than could fit in their car.)

They seem to think that creating an action plan for just about anything would take all the fun out of life.

But we’ve also all heard that people who fail to plan are planning to fail.

I’ve found that people who are organized about what they’re trying to accomplish are much more successful—and have just as much fun—than those who aren’t.

I saw the proof decades ago when my boss at the time, famed Yankees pitcher Bullet Bob Turley, brought a teammate of his, “Fred,” into the company during the off season.

As a player, Fred was used to sleeping late and getting to the ballpark in the afternoon for training.

So every day at around …

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Get Motivated By Learning the Importance of Taking Action

There’s an enduring axiom of success that says,“The Universe rewards action, not thought.” Yet as simple as this principle seems, it’s surprising how many people get bogged down in the analyzing, planning and organizing stages when what they really need to do is to simply take action.

“What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” – John Ruskin

When you take action, not only do additional resources come your way, but you get feedback that helps you adjust your course and refine your approach.

In my seminars, I conduct a very illustrative exercise. I hold up a $100 bill and ask participants if any of them would like to have it. I stand in front of the room, and wait until they “get it.”

Usually, after several seconds, someone jumps out of their …

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