Three Signs That Tell You Are Winning At Life

Everyone’s looking to win something in life, whether it is financial success and recognition or someone’s love and lifelong devotion. These are some things that many people believe make us winners.

But the thing with life is that it is long. Being victorious can come at different times in one’s lifespan. This is not meant to be disheartening but empowering. The future may hold many successful moments for us, followed by emotional and other rewards. However, let’s look at the present and see how big of a winner you actually are currently and if you’ll be one soon. Let’s examine the signs of success.

How Do You Know You’re Winning at Life?

The tricky thing with success is that many people view other successful people as winners. Therefore, they often compare their paths to the rich and famous celebrities of the world. This phenomenon has always been the case, long before social media made psychologists take an active interest in it.

As you are probably aware, comparing yourself to others can lead to poor mental health and can lead to depression and low-self esteem. Comparing yours to other people’s lives won’t do you any good since your path is different from theirs. The only person you should look at to know if you are winning is yourself. You should consider what you have done, even if something small, and look at the positive aspects of your life.

Money is not a measure of winning. You’ve probably heard of countless celebrities that are filthy rich but lead miserable lives. It is the mindset that matters; it is the emotional and personal value of your life. If you strive to have a positive outlook on life and know how to be content, you’re a winner. So to answer the question of “how do you know” — you simply feel it.

Rules You Can Set to Win at Life

Even though the feeling of success is individual, you can set some rules to follow to achieve it more easily. The rules should be simple and catered to you. We’ll give some suggestions to help you along the way. Remember — everyone has a different path, so you can customize your rules. Here are five rules that you can start with:

  • Treat the people close to you well. If they’re happy, you’ll be happier too.
  • Do not lower your standards and self-worth for anything or anyone. This is so that you do not have regrets about losing yourself and becoming someone that you are not.
  • Learn from experiences, even regretful ones. While you should not have regrets, you will have negative experiences. This is normal, but what you should avoid doing is replaying the “bad” over and over again. These things happen, but it is best to learn from them and grow.
  • Be content with yourself. Think of the reasons why your friends love you. It can be your humor, listening skills, or care. Look at the good that you did in life.

These rules are not set in stone, and unless you print this out, they are not even on paper. Therefore, you can add, subtract, and change up the rules to suit yourself.

Signs That You Are Winning at Life

Now that we have covered the “rules” of how to make yourself and your life feel good, let’s go on to the results that your rules should bring about. The first is that you feel grateful. This can be in the form of your relationships, your achievements, your natural looks, etc. Gratitude is about being thankful for the positive aspects of your life and what you have. Being thankful erases envy and jealousy. It goes back to not comparing yourself to others but looking at what you have.

The second sign is that your close relationships are good. Healthy relationships can and do lead to good mental, emotional, and physical health. That is why you should look after and treat those close to you well so that they can do the same for you. Plus, it shows that you are grateful for their existence in your life.

The final sign that you are beating life at its own game is that your life has meaning. It does. Your purpose doesn’t have to involve healing the world and making it a better place. It’s enough that you feel you’re useful in some way in this world.

Is There a Time Frame For You to Win at Life?

While everyone is always on a schedule, and there are deadlines to be met, there are no time constraints on winning at life. There is no deadline; there is no schedule. Success in life is an ongoing thing. Some days you will feel great, and other days you will question your worth. This happens to everyone, but you should try not to let the off days get the better of you.

Look at your rules and remind yourself of what good you have done and what you have. Be grateful for your own time more than that of others. Some people may look like winners earlier in their lives; others may not. However, success is a subjective thing, and you have your own path. There is no time frame to be happy; there is no due date to win at life. It is suggested that you look inwards and see what you have, what you have done. This will make you happy, and that is how you win at life.

Final Words

Life can be tough, as you know well. However, take a bit of time out and think about what you have, what you did, who you have, and how you treat the people you love. There is no finish line, so keep working on it. Being a winner is all about that inner feeling.