Why Do You Need a Bucket List?

It’s not uncommon to think about leaving this world one day. You don’t have to be morbid or a downer. It’s in our nature to question our mortality. One day, we’ll all go, no matter how healthily we live our lives. But it’s not a reason to look at life as a ticking clock. You should enjoy it as much as it’s possible.

After all, what’s life about if not exploring and experiencing different things? Even if it’s sad and harsh sometimes, there’s plenty of room for the good stuff we all crave for. We set all kinds of big goals for our future when we’re young and full of hope. Unfortunately, not many succeed in making these dreams a reality.

As you know by now, we can’t control future events, and our lives have a nasty habit of turning into nightmares. For example, people find they’re gravely ill and that time’s not on their side. So, some who didn’t have the ability to achieve their long-term goals decide to live their last days as bravely as possible. They don’t have time for grieving and wondering why. They go all out — guns blazing.

How Did Bucket Lists Start? Why Do People Make Them?

You might have seen the eponymous movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, the one where they make a list of wild ideas they’ve never done in life and go on a journey to accomplish as much as possible before they both die. Sure, it’s a bitter-sweet comedy/drama with goofy plot twists and a couple of tears, but sometimes that’s what life is all about.

Their bucket list ideas range from driving expensive cars to drinking the rarest of coffees, making them appear as ordinary people. This leads us to believe that you don’t have to be some kind of Dan Bilzerian. You can have attainable goals instead. After all, we’re pretty much the same when it comes to saying goodbye. You want simple and everyday things as much as something extraordinary.

The whole point of bucket lists is to enjoy life to the fullest before you leave this world. It’s something humans have experienced from day one, meaning it’s not like a pop culture phenomenon of the 20th century. You might incorporate your dream themes into your bucket list, for example. It doesn’t matter. It’s important you at least try one more time and make yourself feel alive before the time comes.

Usual Bucket Lists

Most people still go for your typical dream stuff. They mostly opt for traveling, some personal goals, etc. Rarely will you see something unique and original, but who are we to judge dying people?! Setting goals is a personal thing. Therefore, playing by the rules is A-Okay.

Going on a vacation with your partner or family is the usual trope you see. Setting your sights on a tropical island or visiting Europe can be pretty satisfying if you do it with someone you love. Of course, you can always go on your own and have a blast, while not reflecting on the past. It all depends on personal preferences.

A successful bucket list isn’t the one with the most outrageous stuff on it. It’s the one that makes you complete one more time before the end. You can always add something personal and intimate to it. For example, settling an old score, finding peace with a long-lost friend, or even pulling a prank or two.

The point is to make a list with achievable goals on it. You don’t want to end up disappointed one last time. Therefore, looking for types of goals such as personal growth, an exciting trip, or something whimsical should also cut it.

How You Can Start Making Your Bucket List

Before you start making your list, it’s important to set realistic goals. Vivid dreaming is cool and all, but real life is something else. You don’t want to end up disappointed. Therefore, start by asking yourself what’s important to you.

Sure enough, a bucket list is mostly about you, but you can always talk to someone close and expand upon your ideas. In case you have a loving partner and family, see how’d they feel accompanying you on a trip somewhere you always wished you’d go. Also, you can plan on visiting that one place that remains dear to you.

On the other hand, think about something like learning an instrument, playing a gig, or even recording a song. Of course, that requires you to be musically inclined, but you get the point. You’d want to leave something behind for your family to remember you by. Make a short film about you, your life, and the loved ones in it.

In case you had a falling out with someone, you can always try and resolve things. Make peace with a long-gone lover, friend, neighbor, or employee. In a bitter-sweet fashion, don’t leave anything to chance. Live your life as you’ve never done before.

How and When to Start Your Bucket List

Once again, it’s key that you make up realistic goals. They don’t have to be ordinary by any means, just don’t make ’em impossible and don’t disappoint yourself. So, start with small things like resolving personal things, debts, and misunderstandings. Include time in your equation, as you don’t want to miss out on something.

You can make a bucket list even if you don’t know how much time you’ve got left. Some people make them daily, considering it something of a reminder throughout life. Even if people usually associate it with death, it’s more about living. Not to sound cliche, but every moment counts.

Although fast cars and air-diving sound awesome, it’s maybe more important to leave this place with a clear conscience. Don’t fake it, be yourself, and go out with a bang. Leave a lasting impression on the ones who stay behind. Even if your life doesn’t resemble a Hollywood movie, it’s unique and original in itself, and as such, it’s one to remember.